High Notes

Dizzy, the life and times of John Birks Gillespie, written by Donald L. Maggin, published by Harper, copyright 2005....... a must read. Dizzy's life is so much a part of Bebop history, not to mention, a part of American history because he lived in and era that was touched by Slavery, Civil Rights, and Dixieland, Swing and the creation of Bebop and beyond. It tells how Dizzy was blamed for the decline in big bands during the post war years. The controvery raged in magazines, Downbeat, Metronome and Esquire. The controvery had the effect "that gave national currency to the word "Bebop" in a context of decadence," similar to Rock and Roll.

You will learn about the historical generational lineage of jazz and horn players. It is still happening today, right here in the Bay Area. If you look around you will see mainstreamers and modernists at various jazz sessions and clubs. Note the differences at Dogpatch, Grant and Green Saloon, Amnesia, Shanghai, Anna's or Pearl's and jazz in the East Bay. When Dizzy was playing there were mainstream (Swing) and modernists (Bebop) and as the modernist become the mainstream, the younger generation change the music just as Dizzy, Bird, Trane and Miles did. It is a sign that Jazz is organic, healthy and evolving through the natural lineage of players.... from trumpet player to trumpet player and from Bebop player to Super- Impositionist.

You will get a great perspective on the jazz life and how values in that life are different from the straight life, possibly gain new motivation and respect for the jazz musician. What better way to learn than from the Master who created Bebop, whose example was highly successful and profoundly productive..

The Petaluma Waterfront Jazz Festival will be held again this year, 2007, on Sat. & Sun., August 11th & 12th from noon to 5:00PM, where The Al Molina Latin Jazz Sextet will be performing on "B" and 2nd Streets on the Turning Basin in Downtown Petaluma. .


Latin Jazz

  • Al Molina Trp/Flg -Todd Dickow/sax
  • Peter Horvath/piano - Fred Randolph/ bass
  • Curt Moore/drums

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Sept 22 @ 11:45 - 3pm Petaluma ( same location)

(Water St, between Washington & "C" sts.)